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Trakt TV API Access

Movary needs a Trakt username and Client ID to access its api. You can configure them in Movary via the user settings page at /settings/integrations/trakt or via cli (user update command).

How to get a Client ID

Go to your application settings and create an application for Movary. Trakt requires a redirect uri which is not used by Movary, you can enter a placeholder like http://movary: Trakt application seeting page with client ID

You should be able to see your Client ID now on your applications page: Trakt application seeting page with client ID

Enter the Client ID and your username in Movary, verify the access and save your changes.



You can import your watch history and ratings from Trakt.

The import will only add data missing in Movary on default, it will not overwrite or remove existing data.

The import can be triggered via the user settings page at /settings/integrations/trakt or via cli.


Importing hundreds or thousands of movies for the first time can take a few minutes.


Currently Movary only supports import from public Trakt accounts. Make sure your account is not set to private during the import.

CLI Command

php bin/console.php trakt:import

Interesting flags

  • --userId User to import data to
  • --ratings Import Trakt ratings
  • --history Import Trakt watch history (plays)
  • --overwrite Use if you want to overwrite the local data with the data coming from Trakt
  • --ignore-cache Use if you want to force import everything regardless if there was a change since the last import


Import history and ratings for user with id 1 and overwrite locally existing data

php bin/console.php trakt:import --userId=1 --ratings --history --overwrite