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You can import your watch history and ratings from Letterboxd to Movary.

Export your data from Letterboxd here. You will receive a ZIP archive containing multiple CSV files. The diary.csv contains your watch dates and the and the ratings.csv your ratings. Visit the movary settings page /settings/integrations/letterboxd to import these files to Movary.


  • Ratings are only imported for movies already existing in Movary (import the diary.csv first).
  • The import only adds watch dates or ratings missing in Movary and it will not overwrite existing data.
  • Importing hundreds or thousands of movies for the first time can take a few minutes.


You can export your watch dates and ratings from Movary to Letterboxd.

Visit /settings/integrations/letterboxd to export your watch dates and ratings. The export will generate a ZIP archive containing one or multiple CSV files. You have to upload all CSV file on Letterboxd to completely import your data. Letterboxd enforces a max file size limit which can make it necessary for Movary to split your data into multiple files.

More info about how the Letterbox import works can be found here.