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IMDb Rating


Update the IMDb rating of all local movies. Movies without IMDb ratings or updated the longest time ago are prioritized.


Movary scrapes the IMDb website for the ratings. Changes to the IMDb website structure can break the scraping and have to be fixed. This happens from time to time. Please report problems so that this can be quickly handled.


php bin/console.php imdb:sync

Interesting flags

  • --help Detailed information about the command
  • --hours Number of hours required to have elapsed since last sync
  • --threshold Maximum number of movies to sync
  • --movieIds Comma separated string of movie ids to force sync for
  • --never-synced Use to sync only movies which were never synced before


Update ratings for the first 30 movies which were not updated in the last 24 hours ago

php bin/console.php imdb:sync` --hours 24 --threshold 30