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Directory structure


Most of the backend files are in the /src directory. The main index.php is in /public.

Within the /src directory, various other directories are located.

  • /src/Api - Contains usage of external APIs (such as Trakt, Plex, Jellyfin, etc.)
  • /src/Command - Contains Movary CLI commands (which can be executed via php /bin/console.php)
  • /src/HttpController - Contains files processing HTTP requests. Controllers and middleware are located here, for both the HTTP requests directed at the API and just the usual web interface.
  • /src/Service - Contains core Movary components, such as the routing system, the processing of external API data and some other stuff. Note: The /src/api directory is mainly meant for connecting with the external APIs and sending HTTP requests, whereas the external API stuff in /src/Service mainly handles how to process the data from those external APIs.
  • /src/Util - Contains basic utility files to keep consistency throughout the project
  • /src/Domain - Contains the core Movary domain implementation, e.g. what is a movie in Movary (required movary and tmdb ids) or a watch date (required user and movary ids) and how to create or delete those


The frontend of Movary is mainly regular HTML5, but it also uses the twig framework from Symfony, to use dynamic templates. This allows us to use cleaner code when injecting PHP code in HTML. So instead of using <?php echo $variable ?>, we can now use {{ $variable }} and the twig engine will automatically translate the clean code into the PHP code. See their documentation for more information.

Frontend assets

The CSS, Javascript and the images are located in /public.