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The primary source for information about movies, persons etc. is TMDB. Make sure you have set a valid TMDB api key, e.g. via environment variable (TMDB_API_KEY) or in the admin server settings UI.


Execute the metadata sync and image cache commands regularly, e.g. via cronjobs, to keep your application data up to date.

Movie & Person data


Update local movie or person information with the latest data from TMDB.


php bin/console.php tmdb:movie:sync
php bin/console.php tmdb:person:sync

Important flags

  • --help Detailed information about the command
  • --hours Only update movies/persons which were last synced X hours or longer ago
  • --threshold Maximum number of movies/person to sync for this run


Update information for the first 50 movies which were updated at least 48 hours ago.

php bin/console.php tmdb:movie:sync` --hours 48 --threshold 50

Image Cache


Enable by setting environment variable TMDB_ENABLE_IMAGE_CACHING to 1.

To prevent rate limit issues with the TMDB api you should cache TMDB images. This will store a local copy of the images in the storage directory and use this image instead of the original one from TMDB. Make sure you persist the content of the storage directory to keep data e.g. when restarting docker container.


php bin/console.php tmdb:imageCache:refresh
php bin/console.php tmdb:imageCache:delete

Import personal User Ratings

There is no native integration to import the personal movie ratings of a tmdb user at the moment. However, you can use third party tools like TMDBToMovary to work around this limitation.